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Dr. Neus Figueras presented on “The CEFR Companion Volume: Uses and Implications for Language Testing and Assessment” on 15th May 2019.

You can access the presentation slides here , the webinar recording here , and the post-webinar Q&A responses here.



Recordings of the archived webinars in TEASIG’s webinar series are available for TEASIG members by contacting [email protected].

Luke Harding 7/1/2015 “Adaptability & ELF Communication”

Dr Neil Jones 11/3/2015 “Learning Orientated Assessment”

Thom Kiddle 6/5/2015 “Text difficulty and item development”

Dr Judith Hanks 8/7/2015 “Issues in designing assessments and marking criteria for an MA in Professional Language and Intercultural Studies”

Glyn Jones 21/10/15 “Finding the levels: a look at some of the research that underpins the Common European Framework”

Tony Green 2/12/15 “Learning oriented test preparation

Carolyn Westbrook 31/3/16 “Practical considerations in ESP testing”

Sheila Thorn 11/5/16 “An exploration of listening testing”

Clare Fielder 5/7/16 “Assessing and Marking Writing: Feedback Strategies to Involve the Learners”

Vivien Berry and Susan Sheehan 21/9/16 “A Practical Introduction to Language Assessment for Teachers”

Cornée Ferreira  20/12/16 “Implementing Assessment for Learning Step by Step”

Ben Beaumont  11/04/17 “Practical ways to develop teachers’ assessment literacy”

Anna Soltyska  06/06/17 “Malpractice in language assessment: who are you kidding?”

Daniel Xerri  05/09/17 “Enhancing assessment literacy through teacher involvement”

Jo Tomlinson 24/10/17 “Developing a test: Where do you start? When should you stop?”

Russell Whitehead and Felicity O’Dell 19/12/17: “Getting it right, getting it wrong: a tour of the LT123 testing principles”

Gudrun Erickson 26/2/18 “The Dual Function of Assessment – Enhancing Learning and Equity” Download the presentation here. Read the post-webinar Q&A here.

Jane Lloyd 17/4/18 “Testing – Fit for Purpose?”

Christine Coombe 5/6/18 – “Best Practice for Exam Development”

Charalambos (Harry) Kollias 11/9/18 – “Assessment methods: The pros and cons and associated challenges” Read the post-webinar Q&A here.

Caroline Hyde-Simon 22/10/18  – “To test or not to test? ESP Vocabulary as a separate focus”

Hale Kizilcik and Deniz Salli-Copur 20/11/18 – “Designing Integrated Oral Assessment Group Tasks for the Classroom”

Dave Allan 11/12/18 – “Bringing LOLA to life – Learning Oriented Language Assessment in practice”

Rudi Camerer 19/2/19 – “A CEFR Special – The new Companion Volume highlighted”. Download the presentation here.

Dr. Neus Figueras 15/5/19 “The CEFR Companion Volume: Uses and Implications for Language Testing and Assessment”. Download the presentation here.

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