TEASIG Committee

TEASIG Aims and Purpose

The 15 IATEFL Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow all IATEFL members to focus on their own particular interests and share knowledge and best practice with other like-minded members.

The name of the Testing, Evaluation, and Assessment Special Interest Group (TEASIG) reflects the wide range of interests represented in this SIG. It is the SIG for IATEFL members who are interested in the processes and products of English language learning.

TEASIG members receive two to three newsletters a year, regular reports in IATEFL Voices, updates and announcements in the IATEFL bulletin as well as the opportunity to communicate with other members through the TEASIG Facebook page and the TEASIG discussion list.

TEASIG also organizes several events each year in various locations around the world. These focus on general or specific aspects of testing, evaluation, and assessment. Keynote speakers are usually renowned experts in language testing and delegates come from all areas of education and testing, evaluation, and assessment.  Keynote speakers at previous events have included John de Jong, Barry O’Sullivan, Elana Shohamy, and Nick Saville among others.

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