TEASIG Committee Vacancies

Call for Candidates – Vacancy for TEASIG Social Media Officer

TEASIG now has a vacancy on the committee for the post of Social Media Officer, following the election of Ceyda Mutlu to the role of Joint Coordinator. The SIG would now like to invite its members to apply for the vacant position and are looking for a dynamic person to take over this role and help evolve the role to benefit TEASIG across the broad spectrum of social media.

The ideal candidate should have experience of and have accounts with most commonly used social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and others that we may not even be aware of (!) that would give the SIG a massive boost in terms of publicity, membership and exposure.

Anyone interested in the position should have been a TEASIG member for more than one year and should send a statement of interest (maximum 150 words) explaining why they are the right person for the post and what they hope to bring and contribute to the SIG. The statement should also include all other professional affiliations and any possible conflicts of interest, particularly if a member of another SIG and its committee. It should be sent together with a completed Call for Nominations form to: info@iatefl.org.

If you are interested in the position and would like more information, please contact teasig@iatefl.org

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