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Anna Soltyska – TEASIG Webinar Coordinator

I was born in Warsaw (Poland) and am currently based in Germany where I lecture English for General and Specific Academic Purposes at the Ruhr-University in Bochum. I have been active in the language teaching and testing industry for over 20 years and worked in various contexts (secondary and higher education, in-company and private one-to-one settings). My research interests include task-based learning, teaching and assessment, assessment-related malpractice, teaching foreign languages in plurilingual classrooms, validating assessment of writing skills, and integrating mediation activities in language learning and testing.

I joined TEASIG shortly before the IATEFL conference in Glasgow in 2017 where I was the winner of the Trinity College London Language Examination Scholarship. Since April 2020 I am glad to actively support the TEASIG Committee in my role as the Webinar Coordinator.

Maggi Lussi Bell – TEASIG  EditorMaggi Lussi Bell

I am from the English Midlands, but have lived in German-speaking Switzerland for more years than I care to admit! My introduction to English language teaching was via oral testing, something which fascinated me from the start and continues to do so.

Both my Master’s degree in TESOL at the University of Manchester and my EdD at the University of Bristol gave me deeper insights into this area, my doctoral dissertation focusing on interaction during the question phase of academic oral presentations. My work experience included leading the English team at the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management at the Zurich University of Life Sciences, where I was involved in both teaching and testing. My professional interests have included various projects, teacher development, and attending as many workshops and talks on testing as possible! I headed the English Teacher’s Association of Switzerland’s Testing, Examinations and Assessment SIG for a number of years.

I have been a TEASIG member for almost two decades and have attended several IATEFL conferences, always coming away with a wealth of ideas. I am delighted to be part of the Committee as Editor of TEA Today, and to have the opportunity to help further the wider goals of the TEASIG.


Saeede Ide Haghi – TEASIG Social Media Coordinator

I have been involved in English language education in the UK and abroad for the past fifteen years. My career began as a general English instructor, and, later, an educational advisor, the responsibilities of which involved conducting and marking placement tests, as well as arranging observation sessions for teachers as part of their CPD. Following the completion of a CELTA course in London, I continued to work as a teacher trainer at a language school in Istanbul, designing and delivering pre- and in-service training courses and workshops. I subsequently took on a new role as an EAP tutor, initially in an EMI context, at a university in Turkey, then, later, in the UK.

In the past five years I have worked for the British Council as a speaking and writing examiner, and recently, an item writer. I have also been involved in MA TESOL teaching at the University of Sheffield as well as the University of Warwick, where I have completed an MA in TESOL (with a specialism in language testing) and a PhD in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. In addition to lecturing and EAP tutoring during my postgraduate studies in the UK, I acted as a PI in other research projects funded by educational testing organizations – inside and outside the UK – including British Council and ETS. Most of these projects explored language testing in the academic context. I am particularly interested in the areas of EAP assessment (pre and post entry tests) as well as in-sessional academic English and academic literacy provision.

I have been an IATEFL member for a number of years; and I became an IATEFL TEASIG member in 2015 when I won the IATEFL Trinity College London Language Examinations Scholarship and subsequently presented a report of my MA project in TEA showcase at the IATEFL conference in Manchester.

Mina Patel – TEASIG Events Coordinator

I am Assessment Research Manager with the Assessment Research Group at the British Council. I was born in Uganda, brought up in the UK and now spend my time between the UK and Malaysia. I have had the privilege of working in education for more than 20 years; English language teacher, teacher trainer, trainer trainer, materials developer, project manager and consultant. My job now involves project management and research but my heart is still in the classroom. I have an MA in Applied Linguistics and am currently doing a PhD with CRELLA University of Bedfordhsire. My professional interests lie in affect in teaching and learning, language assessment literacy and the impact of testing and assessment.

My connection with IATEFL has always been through the British Council or IELTS whether as a presenter or an exhibitor.  I’m very happy to be part of the IATEFL TEASIG as it brings together my passions for teaching, training, learning and assessment and importantly, links me to a global ELT community which I look forward to engaging with. I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Joanna Wrzesinska – TEASIG Events Coordinator

I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I currently divide my time between Poland and Greece, where my husband is from.

I started teaching EFL when I was 21, in my third year of the English teacher training college, and most of my students were twice my age at that time. I felt a bit intimidated, but I quickly discovered classroom is my place to be. Time passed and I gained experience teaching learners of various ages and proficiency levels, including running international exams preparation courses. I completed my MA degree in TEFL and was promoted to academic manager at the language centre where I worked. In 2011 I started working full time for the TOEFL® brand. The last few years I’m responsible for teacher training and outreach to ELT organizations in the EMEA region.

Attending and presenting at the IATEFL conference was my professional dream ever since I first heard about it at college. My first conference was in 2016, in Birmingham and it was a fantastic experience. Becoming a TEASIG member was also a natural choice for me. I’m looking forward to speaking to you about how you can benefit from becoming a TEASIG member and contribute to what we do if you would like to.

Sian Morgan – TEASIG Webinar Co-moderator

I grew up in South Wales, studied Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham, and trained as a teacher at the University of Warwick. My first teaching job was in a secondary school teaching French to mixed ability classes of children who spoke another language at home. It was here that I realised that the classroom was where I felt most at home.

In the 1980s I moved to Italy where I taught English to undergraduates. It was a rewarding teaching context which led me into a period of intense professional development. I did a distance learning MA at Sheffield Hallam, using corpora to analyse interpersonal devices in student writing. This, together with my work as a Cambridge speaking examiner, got me very interested in performance assessment. I joined IATEFL TEASIG and became a regular on the conference circuit, presenting at TEASIG conferences in Croatia, Cyprus, Innsbruck and Prague, as well as IATEFL International conferences in Cardiff, Aberdeen, Harrogate and Brighton. I also published regularly in teaching magazines and contributed chapters to volumes.

In 2013 I went to Columbia University in New York to study for an Ed.M in Language Assessment. On my return in 2016 I joined the Research Group in Cambridge English where I continue to work today. The most recent project I was involved in was a mixed method study to find out whether teachers are able to demonstrate all their teaching skills when working in an online context.

I feel that joining the TEASIG committee is a kind of homecoming and look forward very much to working with both the team and members!

Natassa Manitsa – TEASIG Webmaster

Natassa Manitsa holds a BA in Educational Psychology, a Diploma in Translation and British Studies, a Diploma in Marketing & Communications, a Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing, and an MSc in School Psychology. She has been a keen blogger, a radio producer, a site chief editor, a teacher trainer, an author, and a translator for more than 25 years. She has travelled extensively, delivering seminars and workshops all over Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

For the last 12 years, she is the Media & Communications Manager of Express Publishing, a Senior Teacher Trainer, and the Chief Editor of the Teacher’s Corner site of Express Publishing. She is also the creator, producer, and co-presenter of the educational podcast Teacher’s Coffee.

Reshmi Murali – TEASIG Co-editor

I am a teacher at the British Council in India. I teach their online English courses for adults with students from around the world and dabble in content and materials development for in-house products, social media, and blogs. Before that, I worked in Publishing with Thomson Reuters.

I became a member of IATEFL and TEASIG in 2021. TEASIG is a huge community of teachers, researchers, and testers from a variety of teaching contexts, and I find that the ideas, knowledge, and guidance that are provided are invaluable to teachers who have a keen interest in this area like me. I am really looking forward to contributing to the SIG’s activities and connecting with the wider community.

With acknowledgment and huge thanks to former Committee Members who helped build and sustain TEASIG:

Thom Kiddle
Mehtap Ince
Mehvar Ergun Turkkan
Neil Bullock
Ceyda Mutlu
Sharon Hartle
Dave Allan
Judith Mader
Zeynep Urkun
Sue Hackett
Charles Burghout
Doris Froetscher
Carol Spoettl
Ayşegül Liman
Susan Sheehan
Afshin Parsi
Kari Smith
Keith Morrow
Tricia Aspinall
Brian North
Richard West
Sue Davies

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