TEASIG Committee

Ceyda Mutlu – TEASIG Coordinator Ceyda2018

I have been working as an Instructor of English at the Department of Basic English, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) since 2005. I have worked as a test writer for different levels at the Testing and Evaluation Office of the same institution and have been a member of the TEASIG Committee since 2015.

Neil Bullock – TEASIG Coordinator & Webinar CoordinatorNeil Bullock

I come from Newcastle in the North-east of England, and am now based in the French speaking part of Switzerland, where I have lived for almost 12 years. I worked for twenty years in the operational side of aviation and left to start teaching in 2002. I spent several years working in-company teaching business English before moving into teaching and test development in the aviation world. I am also a trained oral exam rater and rater trainer as well as being involved in test development and administration, specialising in English in the world of aeronautical communications. This is a fascinating area of language and communication where I can use all of my professional skills and experience together. I studied Contemporary French Studies to MA and more recently completed a second MA in Applied Linguistics.

I was honoured to be asked to act as webinar Moderator and more recently, Joint Coordinator, and I am confident that my skills and experience benefit not just the committee but the members of TEASIG and IATEFL as an organisation as we help the SIG evolve into the future.

Maggi Lussi Bell – TEASIG Editor-in-ChiefMaggi Lussi Bell

I am from the English Midlands, but have lived in German-speaking Switzerland for more years than I care to admit! My introduction to English language teaching was via oral testing, something which fascinated me from the start and continues to do so.

Both my Master’s degree in TESOL at the University of Manchester and my EdD at the University of Bristol gave me deeper insights into this area, my doctoral dissertation focusing on interaction during the question phase of academic oral presentations. I currently lead the English team at the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management at the Zurich University of Life Sciences.

My work involves both teaching and testing, and also allows time for projects, teacher development, and networking. I have been a TEASIG member for a number of years and have attended several IATEFL conferences, always coming away with a wealth of ideas. I am delighted to be part of the Committee as  Editor-in-Chief, and to have the opportunity to help further the wider goals of the TEASIG.

 Judith Mader – TEASIG Sub-Editor Judith Mader

I come from the North of England, went to university in the UK and have lived in Germany for longer than I would have ever imagined! After working for many years as a test developer, I now run the language department at a private business school with university status in Frankfurt am Main. My main responsibilities are for both the content and the assessment procedures for all the languages we offer. My second main area of interest is intercultural communication and I am particularly interested in the interface between the two areas, i.e. the testing of intercultural competence.

As a former Joint Coordinator, and now IATEFL SIG Coordinator, I hope I can continue to make a contribution to TEASIG strategy, the newsletter, and, with the entire committee, to the organisation of further TEASIG activities of the high quality we have had so far.

Mehtap Ince – TEASIG Events Coordinator

I am currently working as English language instructor and speaking assessment supervisor at Koç University, İstanbul. Previously, I had teaching and non-teaching roles such as assessment coordinator, test developer, and level coordinator at schools of languages in different prestigious universities in Turkey.

I received my Bachelor degree in ELT and Linguistics from Boğaziçi University, İstanbul. After completing DELTA and ICELT, I took my Master’s degree at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) in association with Chichester University. Having qualifications from different institutions reflects my enthusiasm and my ability to fit into international teams easily. Above and beyond this, being continuously involved in coordination roles has considerably enhanced my communication, team-working, planning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

I have always satisfied my professional interests through attending and delivering workshops, presenting at IATEFL conferences, and joining professional networks. As a FOAI (Forum on Assessment Issues) committee member, I have been working to organize the FOAI events in Turkey. I am now very proud that I am Events Coordinator of this dynamic team as I will be involved in the organization of the conferences where professional people can connect and progress.

Ide-ImageSaeede Ide Haghi – TEASIG Social Media Coordinator

I have been involved in English language education in the UK and abroad for the past fifteen years. My career began as a general English instructor, and, later, an educational advisor, the responsibilities of which involved conducting and marking placement tests, as well as arranging observation sessions for teachers as part of their CPD. Following the completion of a CELTA course in London, I continued to work as a teacher trainer at a language school in Istanbul, designing and delivering pre- and in-service training courses and workshops. I subsequently took on a new role as an EAP tutor, initially in an EMI context, at a university in Turkey, then, later, in the UK.

In the past five years I have worked for the British Council as a speaking and writing examiner, and recently, an item writer. I have also been involved in MA TESOL teaching at the University of Sheffield as well as the University of Warwick, where I have completed an MA in TESOL (with a specialism in language testing) and a PhD in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. In addition to lecturing and EAP tutoring during my postgraduate studies in the UK, I acted as a PI in other research projects funded by educational testing organizations – inside and outside the UK – including British Council and ETS. Most of these projects explored language testing in the academic context. I am particularly interested in the areas of EAP assessment (pre and post entry tests) as well as in-sessional academic English and academic literacy provision.

I have been an IATEFL member for a number of years; and I became an IATEFL TEASIG member in 2015 when I won the IATEFL Trinity College London Language Examinations Scholarship and subsequently presented a report of my MA project in TEA showcase at the IATEFL conference in Manchester.

Mehvar Ergun Turkkan – TEASIG Membership SecretaryMehvar Ergun Turkkan

I currently work as the Head of Testing and Assessment Unit at TED University English Language School, Ankara, Turkey. I have attended the annual IATEFL conference for three times as a presenter, and for my latest presentation, I was given a workshop slot during the TEASIG day in the 2015 Annual Conference. Before that, I gave a presentation at the Granada TEASIG Conference in 2014. Currently I am very much interested in issues related to the assessment of skills at tertiary level, which is of great importance in my country. I am very excited about being more involved in TEASIG as I do believe in the importance and quality of the TEASIG work and events, which ended up making me very much willing to be a part of this great team! I see my future involvement in the TEASIG as an invaluable chance for me to develop my organizational skills in an area related to testing and assessment. By becoming a member of the committee, I hope to learn more about the selection processes of presenters, the different steps gone through to make such events possible and also contribute to the realization of the committee’s goals in the best possible way.

Thom Kiddle – TEASIG WebmasterThom Kiddle

I am Director at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) in Norwich, UK. I have taught and tested across four continents and hold the Cambridge Delta and an MA in Language Testing from the University of Lancaster. I have published in Applied Linguistics, System and Language Assessment Quarterly journals, and wrote the chapter on Developing Digital Language Learning Materials in the 2013 publication ‘Developing Materials for Language Teaching’. My professional interests are language assessment, technology in language learning and assessment, and teacher training and development. I used to have my own personal interests, but now have two boys aged 6 and 8 who make their interests mine!

I was a speaker at the TEASIG PCE in Harrogate in 2014, ran a webinar for TEASIG in May 2015 and I have written for TEASIG publications since 2011.

Sharon Hartle – TEASIG Webinar CoordinatorSharon_Hartle

I work mainly at the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo in the Università degli Studi di Verona, as well as The Free University of Bolzano. I have been a Cambridge ESOL Team Leader for the Verona, Vicenza and Mantua areas for several years, and have worked on developing the online items for assessment at the universities where I work. I also work as a freelance teacher trainer for State School teachers, both at the University of Verona, and on INSET courses at the schools themselves. I have also been involved for many years with the Celta course at the Cambridge School, Verona.  I have published several books and articles related to TEFL as well as being a regular blogger on my Wordpress site: English Learning in Our World. I am, at present, working on research related to formulaic language and my interests are related to e-learning, autonomous learning and materials development.

Dave Allan – TEASIG Member without PortfolioDave Allan

Like Judith Mader, our TEASIG Co-ordinator, I come from the North of England, specifically from the North-East, from Sunderland, which when I was a teenager was still the world’s biggest builder of ships. Though I’ve lived in Norwich for over 30 years now, I still love going back ‘home’, both for the beautiful countryside and the football – I’m a ‘Mackem’, a long-term supporter of Sunderland AFC, ‘The Black Cats’.

Professionally, I’m the founding director of NILE, the Norwich Institute for Language Education, which has just had its 20th birthday. We’ve trained over 40,000 teachers from 65 countries since 1995, at every level from initial training with CELTA to our MA.

I’ve been involved in language testing since 1975. The author of the world’s most used placement test, the Oxford Placement Test, I’ve lectured and run courses and seminars on TEA worldwide for 35 years, as well as being course leader for our MATEA. My recent work includes advising ministries on the development of national language tests and developing LOLA (Learning Oriented Language Assessment) for secondary and tertiary institutions. TEASIG Co-ordinator from 1989 to 1997, I remain a committed committee member for TEASIG, as well as a member of EALTA.

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