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TEASIG is a professional body for the needs and interests of members of IATEFL in connection with testing, evaluation and assessment in all areas of English language teaching.  TEASIG aims to connect teachers and experts worldwide

TEASIG is a part of IATEFL, so in order to become a member of TEASIG you first have to become a member of IATEFL and select TEASIG as your special interest group during the registration process.

This site is your door to TEASIG and your way of connecting to people, resources and ideas across our fields.

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TEASIG Today Issue 4 out now for TEASIG members

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Next TEASIG webinar:

Watch this space for details of our next webinar, coming in October 2021.

Next TEASIG event:

IATEFL 2020 Pre-Conference Event – carried forward to IATEFL 2021

June 18, 2021, Online

Download the programme for the TEASIG and IPSEN SIG pre-conference event.

Download the speaker profiles and abstracts for the TEASIG and IPSEN SIG pre-conference event.

TEASIG Showcase Day at IATEFL Online 2021

June 19, 2021, Online

Download the programme of talks chosen for the TEASIG Showcase day as part of the main IATEFL Online conference.

Latest TEASIG event: IATEFL 2019 Pre-Conference Event

1 April 2019, IATEFL Annual Conference, Liverpool

PCE presentations now available in Recent Events!

“Authenticity in Assessment of Productive Skills”

  • What is authenticity and why is it important in test task design?
  • How do we match the skills from authentic communication with test constructs?
  • How do we balance authenticity and practicality in test development?
  • How do we as teachers source and introduce our students to authentic tasks?
  • Using the CEFR what productive skills are important in maintaining authenticity?
  • Where does authenticity fit into formative and summative assessment?
  • How is authenticity and test validity linked and how can we prove it?
  • Is authenticity directly linked to test usefulness and washback?
  • What tools do we have to help us source authentic language?

In this two-part PCE our experts answered the questions above and more in their presentations and hands-on workshops to aid and assist teachers source and prepare their students for learning of speaking and writing language in real-world communication. They demonstrated how to integrate authenticity into both classroom assessment and larger scale test development in order to bridge the gap between what students learn and what they will use in their target language use domain – the real world that is!!

Latest TEASIG webinar

On 13th May 2021, Ildiko Porter-Szucs, Ph.D. from Eastern Michigan University presented on “Content or Language: Do you Know Which One You’re Assessing?”

Watch the recording here and download the slides here and Ildi’s responses to the Q&A here.

Details of earlier webinars can be found on the Previous TEASIG webinars page. Recordings of previous webinars are available for TEASIG Members on the SIG page of the main IATEFL website.




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IATEFL TEASIG runs a spotlight of one or two members in each issue of TEA Today. If you would like to be “interviewed”, just answer the questions on the TEA Today page and send your answers to the Editors. TEASIG Member Spotlight features will be included in forthcoming issues.

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