Neil BullockCeyda2018Welcome to TEASIG, the Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group of IATEFL.

TEASIG is a professional body for the needs and interests of members of IATEFL in connection with testing, evaluation and assessment in all areas of English language teaching.  TEASIG aims to connect teachers and experts worldwide

TEASIG is a part of IATEFL, so in order to become a member of TEASIG you first have to become a member of IATEFL and select TEASIG as your special interest group during the registration process.

This site is your door to TEASIG and your way of connecting to people, resources and ideas across our fields.

Join TEASIG and find out more!

Neil Bullock and Ceyda Mutlu, TEASIG Coordinators


Next TEASIG webinar:

We are pleased to announce the first of our 2019 webinars: “A CEFR Special – The new Companion Volume highlighted“.

Date: 19th February 2019      Time: 1700-1830 UK (1800-1930 CET)

Rudi Camerer, who specializes in intercultural competence will look at some of the innovations that set apart the CV from the older scale.

Access the webinar here.

More details on the Forthcoming Events page.


Next TEASIG event: IATEFL TEASIG Pre-Conference Event

1 April 2019, IATEFL Annual Conference, Liverpool

“Authenticity in Assessment of Productive Skills”

  • What is authenticity and why is it important in test task design?
  • How do we match the skills from authentic communication with test constructs?
  • How do we balance authenticity and practicality in test development?
  • How do we as teachers source and introduce our students to authentic tasks?
  • Using the CEFR what productive skills are important in maintaining authenticity?
  • Where does authenticity fit into formative and summative assessment?
  • How is authenticity and test validity linked and how can we prove it?
  • Is authenticity directly linked to test usefulness and washback?
  • What tools do we have to help us source authentic language?

In this two-part PCE our experts will answer the questions above and more in their presentations and hands-on workshops to aid and assist teachers source and prepare their students for learning of speaking and writing language in real-world communication. We will demonstrate how to integrate authenticity into both classroom assessment and larger scale test development in order to bridge the gap between what students learn and what they will use in their target language use domain – the real world that is!!

See the programme here.

More details on the Forthcoming Events page.


Latest TEASIG event: TEASIG at IATEFL Brighton 9-13 April 2018

Photos and presentations from the IATEFL TEASIG Pre-Conference Event and Showcase Day, on the Recent Events page. Read TEASIG Committee member, Sharon Hartle’s report from the event here.

Latest TEASIG webinar

Most recent webinar: Dave Allan from Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) on 11th December – ‘Bringing LOLA to life – Learning Oriented Language Assessment in practice’

Access the webinar recording here and the Q&A responses here.





Newsletter    Want to feature in TEASIG Today?

IATEFL TEASIG runs a spotlight of one or two members in each issue of TEASIG Today. If you would like to be “interviewed”, just answer the questions on the TEASIG Today page and send your answers to the Editors. TEASIG Member Spotlight features will be included in forthcoming issues.

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