TEASIG @IATEFL 2023: Showcase Day

Harrogate Convention Centre King's Rd, Harrogate HG1 5LA, Harrogate, United Kingdom

For more information on the detailed programme of the Showcase Day click here: https://tea.iatefl.org/events/teasig-iatefl-2023-showcase-day/

$73 – $86

TEASIG Online EVENT: Developing Assessment Tasks for the Classroom

Presenters: Sakeh Manassian, Kathrin Eberharter, Olena Rossi, Michael Fields Assessment tasks play a vital role in gauging student progress. While experts craft standardized tests, what about developing tailored assessment tasks for your classroom? As teachers, you assess for various goals daily. But have you ever considered creating your institution's tests to measure term or course […]

Joint TEASIG & LTSIG webinar: Exploring the impact of Generative AI on language education: insights from teachers

Speakers: Evelina Galaczi & Nahal Khabbazbashi It feels like every morning we wake up to hundreds of opinion pieces on the use of Generative AI (Gen-AI) in education, but there is surprisingly little research into how English teachers are actually using this technology. In this webinar, we will explore language teachers’ use and attitudes to Gen-AI […]

Joint TEASIG & TDSIG Webinar: Analysing teachers’ discourse around assessment: A critical discourse analysis perspective

Speaker: Viktor Carrasquero The presentation: The British Council uses standardised criteria to assess our teachers’ classroom performance. These include assessment, understood as a formative, continuous practice, which “helps students and teachers monitor progress and achievement”. In recent years, there has been an organisation-wide drive to consolidate our teachers’ technical and practical understanding of assessment, which has […]

Joint TEASIG & IPSEN SIG webinar : Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Practice: Candidate Reactions to Global English Accents in a Listening Test

The British Council is a leader in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, important themes for our products around the world, whether in the arts, society, inclusive education, teaching English for in the exams that we offer. In 2020, the test production and quality assurance teams of Global Assessments began to implement a new EDI policy […]

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