Upcoming TEASIG events

TEASIG Webinar series

Due to a simultaneous webinar taking place on the 21st November the Gudrun Erickson webinar for TEASIG has been postponed until late February 2018.

Our next webinar will therefore be with Russell Whitehead and Felicity O’Dell on 19th December “Getting it right, getting it wrong: a tour of the LT123 testing principles”.

This webinar will discuss LT123’s list of ten principles for ‘good’ testing, sharing plenty of examples of successful and unsuccessful items and tasks. This promises to be a useful round-up for newcomers and experienced testers alike.


Speakers for webinars in 2018 are being organised and if you would like to give a webinar presentation please contact us by e-mail at our normal address – teasig@iatefl.org.

The webinars are open to anyone. Details are always available on the TEASIG website.

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IATEFL Web Conference

IATEFL is hosting a web conference on 24th and 25th November 2017 with a wide range of topics in the presentations organized by the IATEFL Special Interest groups, including TEASIG.

Full details of how to access the conference will be notified very soon but you can keep updated at https://conference.iatefl.org/webconference/

A provisional programme is available here.

We hope to see many of you there.

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TEASIG conference events

2018 IATEFL Conference – TEASIG Pre-Conference Event

The PCE will be on 9th April 2018 and registration is here https://conference.iatefl.org/

Assessment of Listening

Listening is often seen as the most difficult language skill for educators and learners to really understand. Assessment and testing of listening can prove even more of a challenge for those who need to understand exactly what skills we want to test and how to do it. These include understanding cognitive processing, sourcing appropriate materials (authentic or scripted), statistics, item writing, and more. The challenges are many and not easy for teachers to address for their students. In this 2-part PCE we will be attempting to take the lid of this mysterious world with the help of experts and practitioners in this domain.

In the morning session, three keynote experts from the field of Listening – Rita Green, Sheila Thorn and John Field – will look at how cognitive processes work to help teachers get to grips with what learners are actually doing when listening, we will look at sourcing materials for learners – whether scripted or authentic for their real world objectives – and we will look into how large scale tests are written and what receptive skills they actually tap into to assess listening. Finally we will show in layman’s terms how statistical analysis is used to prove that listening assessment really does do the job it is supposed to, in helping give teachers a clearer picture of what their skills students are demonstrating.

In the afternoon session workshops will be organised to help teachers focus on the ideas from the morning session and, with the help of further experts and practitioners sharing their knowledge and views, conduct hands-on workshops where teachers can put this knowledge into practice.

The PCE is aimed at all teachers, whether they are new to this aspect of testing, evaluation and assessment or wish to refresh their knowledge and put it to practical use. There will also be room for questions to experts and discussion of best practice. Further details of the sessions and workshops will be announced very shortly.

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